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Talking Tides with Frameworks

“I’m 32 and I love what I do.”

A statement like that is something we all hope to make someday. Unfortunately, not everyone gets so lucky. But for Manchester-based producer, Matt Brewer aka Frameworks, he has found a way to live the dream: a life built around doing what he loves — making music.

Frameworks’ ethereal music draws inspiration from artists like Bonobo and Cinematic Orchestra, while mixing together beats inspired by “hip hop heroes” – Aim and RJD2. And whether you are going through a yoga flow, dancing under the stars, sipping a glass of wine after dinner, or smoking a joint on the top of a mountain, the music Frameworks' produces allows you to bliss-out in every sense of the word. His recently released debut album Tides showcases this unique and mesmerizing sound.

Tides was released in March of this year, but Matt’s musical journey began long before that.

“I’ve always been creative. It was infused in me as a child.” When Matt was 13 his mom told him and his brother that she wanted them to take up an instrument. Matt’s brother gravitated towards the guitar, while Matt decided to start playing the drums.

“I think she was a little shocked when I said, “Ok! I know what I want … a drum kit!” The memory still brings a smile to my face.” Matt also played around on a piano that they had in the house, which sparked an interest for him in composition, later leading to his study of fine art, music and finally production.

“I see my music as a journal I guess. It’s documenting times in my life. I draw inspiration from what goes on around me.” A lot of that inspiration comes from the natural world, which is evident in the free flowing beauty of his album and it’s title – Tides.

“I’ve always felt drawn to water. ‘Tides’ just seemed to fit a state of change; something ever evolving.”

There are a couple of other artists featured on Tides as well. ”They’re mostly people in and around Manchester that I’ve collaborated with,” says Matt. “The singers on the album are Rioghnach Connolly and JP Cooper. I’d just heard of from being in Manchester and contacted them to see if they might be interested working together. They are both an absolute pleasure to work with and I think really added to the album.”

JP Cooper is an up and coming singer in his own right, appearing in music festivals all over Europe and performing alongside acts like Taylor Swift and Vance Joy. While Rioghnach Connolly, vocalist and flutist, performs with seven different acts all across England.

Apart from the amazing addition of vocals on Tides, Matt has also been working with Garteh Metcalf on mixing the tracks. “We’ve been working together in this capacity for years now, he’s on the same page and it’s great to have a second set of ears on the tracks. It’s easy to get lost in something.”

While getting another set of ears to listen to his music is great, Matt also has his own way of figuring out if his music is up to par.

“I always take my music for a walk? Is that quirky?” He says with a laugh. “[When I’m] making the tunes I always bounce them to my phone and go for a walk with them on headphones. To see how they exist in the outside world. It gives me a little space to feel what works and where I need to go from there. I feel peace in nature. I think that’s the reason I take my songs outside, to make sure they feel organic.”

And even though Nature was Matt’s original muse, lately his biggest inspiration has come from somewhere closer to his heart – the birth of his first son.

“During the pregnancy I’ve been extremely inspired and have nearly finished an EP entitled The Passenger inspired by the journey he has taken me on so far.”

Even though Matt’s music is inspired by a lot of different facets in life, it’s hard for him to pin it down to one specific genre.

“I have never really been actively part of a “scene” per se. I draw from a lot of different influences. I’m very much inspired by film music – anything overly passionate or emotive. I remember being a big fan of the music from Braveheart when I was young ... strange I know.” This emotion in his music is what Matt hopes to bring to the world. “I just hope people can relate to it. It’s quite emotive and often evokes imagination I’m told, which makes me happy.”

For Matt, there is no one track that holds an extra special place in his heart. But on the night he wrote the track ‘Fireworks,’ Matt remembers a beautiful moment. “I wrote it on Guy Fawkes night.” (A celebration in England commemorating the night King James I survived an attempt on his life.) “That evening I was in my old flat. I always had the balcony door open, and there was just a magical feeling going on – the fireworks going off all around and the sound of laughter outside. That song captured the feeling that night, for me at least.”

Looking toward the future Matt is already onto the next project. “As soon as the album was finished in my head I was already into the next thing, but I don’t tend to look beyond that. I don’t really have a master plan; I just love making music. It gives me a massive boost when I get positive feedback. It makes me feel like what I’m doing is reaching people.”

Frameworks’ album Tides can be purchased here:

And make sure to check out his Facebook page right here:


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