Joke Life is an online storybook.

These stories were inspired by the mundane. The day-to-day pieces of life that all of the sudden become so powerful they knock you off your feet. These stories were inspired by the magical moments; the unexplainable synchronicites. These stories were inspired by the elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire. They were intended to provoke grounding, expansion, fluidity, and heat. These stories were inspired by those I love, and those that I have loved and lost. They were inspired by the other artists in the world unrelentingly chasing their dreams. These are stories that shine light on not just the good, funny, amazing pieces of life, but also on the hard things – the sad days, the lost loves, the tough times. 

These stories are intended reach out to the human heart; to show others that they are not alone. That life is a wild ride – filled with every twist and turn imaginable. But we are all on it. Simply by being born onto this planet, we have a shared experience. 

Hi, I'm Izzy. 

I am no life expert. In fact, most of the time I walk around wondering how everyone seems to have things so dialed-in, when in fact, I suspect everyone feels like they are just barely keeping up with it all.

I started Joke Like in 2014. Now, I look back at some of what I wrote then and I can see the growth that's occurred, the lessons I've already learned. But, with each new lesson comes a hundred more questions. 

I'm just figuring it out as I go along. 

This is my life, my experiences, my stories – I hope you see some of yourself in these stories, too.  

This is Joke Life. 

Izzy Martens lives and writes in Washington, DC. She works as a facilitator and senior manager for a leadership consulting firm. She is currently writing a book about mindfulness in facilitation. Izzy is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher, teaching weekly yoga classes in the District. She studied Creative Nonfiction at Colorado State University, where she was the Managing Editor for the University's Literary Journal, The Greyrock Review. Izzy launched Joke Life in 2014. Izzy believes in the power of the written word, living mindfully, and the fundamental connection between all living things. 


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