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Running with the Wolves

Even the nights when we do nothing together feel extraordinary.

Sitting on your rug, legs entwined, talking about the gruesome slaughter of animals in the village where you used to live. My stomach churns, but I know it in my heart that this is the natural way.

You say I’ll be good for you because I’ll take you on adventures. And what you don’t know is that I’ve just been looking for someone to adventure with.

You say you’ll teach me to see the world without rose colored glasses. But I might teach you to see the inherent beauty in everything.

You say you’re calm when it matters and you’re calm even when you shouldn’t be, and I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet, but I’m easily excitable.

It’s there in my friend’s faces. It’s too fast, their expressions say. But what they don’t realize is that this has been a lifetime in the making.

You question if happiness is acceptable, even if that happiness is rooted in delusion.

So let me ask you: If a wolf is born in the woods, with all the space to run, but he is fighting for his life every day – sneaking away from men in bright orange coats who hold rifles to their chest, ready to strip that wolf bare, hunting for food in a long, cold winter, does that wolf have a happy life? What if you could give that wolf a home – a place where there is always food, and safety and love and warmth, and still give it the space to run free. Even then, would that wolf be happy?

I asked you what makes for a happy life, and you told me growth. I think it’s love. So I’ll push you, if you care for me.

Put a lion and a bull in a pen together and see who prevails. But it’s not a fight, you said to me, we can be soft, too.

Everything you say to me sounds like poetry.

The world is filled with darkness and despair. The continuous cycle of human suffering. So I surround myself with bright colors and fuzzy blankets and people who laugh for no reason, because they represent everything that’s right with the world.

I said maybe we just see things differently, and you told me you didn’t want to be put in a box.

But I never want to confine you.

You see, I’ve never needed you to see the world in just the same way that I do. I just need someone to run through the woods with. And laugh just because. Someone who will pick up the phone on a rainy day.

There are 36 questions that make you fall in love. I’ll do them, you say, if it makes you fall in love with me.

But I didn’t need those questions to fall for you.


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