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Interdimensional Inspiration with innerspace

There aren't that many rock groups in the EDM soaked culture in Boulder, Colorado, but the band innerspace is changing that. The band is currently taking the music scene by storm at the University of Colorado, playing shows on campus and around town, hoping to inspire others with their out-of-this-world-themed music. But, like many groups, this band was born from a shared love of music, and a way to hang out with friends.

Weston Roberts is the band’s bassist and vocalist. When Weston started as a freshman at CU, his older brother, Spencer, was in a band called “Ocean Automatic.” Spencer asked Weston to come join the band.

“I was really stoked because I had watched my brother play my whole life and he has served as an inspiration for me,” says Weston. The band went through many iterations of band members in its first few years. With people coming and going, due to different musical preferences. “For about six months we went through three drummers, where things just didn’t work out. But now we have a new drummer, Josh, who is also a CU student. Coincidentally, we all ended up living on the same street! That was really convenient for us, so yeah, things are working out now.”

Eventually, just as the band evolved, the name did too.

“The name, innerspace, was an idea that Spencer came up with. It’s supposed to be a name that people can interpret for themselves, but it encompasses the theme of the universe being infinitely massive and infinitely tiny. A lot of our songs reflect things in nature, things in space, and just discovery of what could be out there,” Weston explains.

This inspiration for the name also aligns with the way Weston experiences their genre of music. When asked to describe innerspace’s sound, Weston pauses for a moment. “The best thing I can come up with is alternative space rock.” He laughs a bit at the comparison, but his description rings true.

The band is releasing an EP this month called ‘Earthrise’ and the EP draws heavily on the theme of outer space, and the song by the same name. “It’s a seven-minute song and it’s a story written from the perspective of the astronaut. It would be best to read the lyrics to really get a sense of the story. We put a lot of work into the lyric book that comes with the EP and reading along with it will really explain a lot of the themes within the EP. They all encompass themes of nature, discovery, realizations about the universe and the fact that everything is really out of your control.”

With the EP release, the band has also planned a great show to celebrate the event.

“It’s going to be at Club 156 at the UMC on Friday, September 5th,” Weston says. “There’s going to be three other bands. Two bands from Colorado Springs: Tigerwine and Autumn Creatures, they are both really rad; Autumn Creatures is an instrumental band and Tigerwine is a little heavier. Then we have this other band called bear., they have more of an indie sound. Doors open at 7:30 and tickets are $8. We’ll have the EPs there, t-shirts and a bunch of other cool stuff.”

When Weston looks toward the future, he has a few ideas for what the ideal future would look like.

“What do I hope? Best-case scenario, I would just like to increase exposure in other parts of the state and add to the rock scene here in Boulder, because there’s not really much of one. I would like to go on tour by next summer and start working on new things. I would hope to play Warped Tour, that would be the coolest thing ever.”

But beyond that, Weston just hopes their music continues to inspire people.

“We just want to play for as many people as possible and give them something that will make them think, or something they can appreciate. We want to make something that would inspire others to write and create music of their own, that’s the biggest thing. One of our members, Jared, has a little cousin. He’s only ten, and he told us that he’s starting a band because of our music. That's pretty frickin' cool.”

innerspace is playing this Friday September, 5th at Club 156 in the UMC. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter and check out their music on Soundcloud and Bandcamp and don't forget to make it out to the EP release and support local music!


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