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Human Nature

Can you forgive me for my human days

The days when life seems harder

When my smile is smaller and my eyes get sad

Will you know, as I know, that this day may be hard, but they won’t all be like this

Can you see that worrying is in my blood

Passed down from generations of women who care so much that it hurts

Can you feel, as I feel, that the more you care about something, the more terrified you are that you might lose it

Can you take my worry as a sign of my affection

Can you embrace all that I am, without holding it against me

Can you see past my insecurities into all of the strength I have built within myself

Can you let me be weak

They say that vulnerability is a sign of strength

So why does it feel so catastrophic

And do you think that I can let myself be soft, and do you think if I soften, I can still be proud of who I have become

Can I recognize my own scars as a piece of my beauty

The hard edges that have shaped each curve of my being

Will you trace those lines with me

And can I let you be human, too

And forgive you the things that you can’t forgive in me?


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